The wave of denunciations of sexual and psychological violence that has been taking place on social media for several weeks has shed light on one of the most prevalent problems in our society. This problem must be fought wherever it is found, particularly in activist circles.
Despite our attempts to keep Extinction Rebellion (XR) non-hierarchical and horizontal, we admit that toxic power dynamics have sometimes been created within the movement. These dynamics are a threat to the integrity of the movement and put activists at risk, as they can lead to abuses, including sexual, physical and psychological violence. We would like to stress that none of this violence will be tolerated within our organisation.

We salute the courage of the survivors who testified and thank them for the enormous risk they took in order to create a more just and safe society.

Justice has proven its inability to ensure the safety of survivors. It is therefore our duty to put in place the necessary infrastructure to create safe and inclusive communities, and to combat the culture of rape.

We are currently working to create measures to prevent abuse, including mandatory preventive and awareness workshops on sexual assault, as well as investigating the possibility of temporary exclusion during the course of the investigation, and to impose the appropriate consequences upon the conclusions of the investigation, in accordance with the wishes of the survivor. A review of our sexual assault policy at XR Québec is also underway to promote the protection of women and minors within our organization.

Our movement cannot move forward without a deep introspection of the patriarchal power dynamics it fosters. Deconstructing these dynamics, like colonial dynamics, is essential to achieving climate justice and is inseparable from XR’s fight against the climate crisis.

Here is a list of resources for survivors and their families:

To visit the Quebec government website for resources for help throughout Quebec:


Juripop uses the law to enable all people to improve their living conditions, their economic situation and their physical and mental health. Juripop creates innovative legal information projects and provides access to low-cost legal services. Tel: 514-705-1637 Email:


The GROUPE AMORCE is an organization specializing in sexual delinquency intervention. It offers prevention, evaluation, therapy and support services to men who are sexually attracted to children and adolescents, with or without taking act. Tel: 514-355-8064 Email:

RQCALACS (Quebec Association of Sexual Assault Centres)

The Regroupement québécois des centres d’aide et de lutte contre les agressions à caractère sexuel (RQCALACS) is a non-profit organization. The Regroupement brings together CALACS in order to promote the exchange of expertise among members, to support the search for solutions in order to stop sexual violence, and to ensure the development of feminist sexual assault intervention services for all women in Quebec.

CAVAC (Centre d’aide aux victimes d’actes criminels)

CAMVACs provide front-line services to anyone who is a victim of crime and their loved ones, as well as to witnesses. CAMVAC assistance is available whether or not the perpetrator of the crime is identified, arrested, prosecuted or convicted. CAVACs work in collaboration with stakeholders from the legal community, the health and social services network and community organizations. CAMVACs intervene with victims in a manner that respects their needs and at their own pace. It is based on their ability to manage their own lives and make decisions that affect them. Tel: 1-866-532-2822


The Tel-jeunes intervention model is based on “reality therapy”. Thus, Tel-jeunes’ professional counsellors do not give ready-made answers or instant solutions, but rather work to help young people exercise better control over their lives. Together with the counsellor, the youth begins a reflection process that will help him or her choose the behaviours that will meet his or her needs. It is a personalized service, based on the “here and now”. The tools and strategies developed during the intervention will be useful for the youth in the long term. Tel: 1-800-263-2266 Text: 514-600-1002


Suicide Action Montréal’s mission is to prevent suicide and its impacts by ensuring access to quality services for suicidal people, their families and caregivers. In addition, SAM relies on the commitment and the skills of individuals and organizations in their community. Tel: 1-866-277-3553


CIDS offers services to adults or adolescents, of any gender identity, with or without having committed a sexual offence, and to people with deviant fantasies without committing an act. All services are provided in English, French and Spanish. Tel: 579-641-3941


The Men’s Resource Centre of Montreal is a non-profit organization whose mission is to welcome and help men who are experiencing difficulties and/or who wish to be adequately accompanied in their personal journey, while contributing to the promotion of their health and well-being. Tel: 514-355-8300