Declaration of Indigenous Rights

This document written by XR Quebec describes its policy on the rights of Indigenous Peoples.

The organization demonstrates its respect for the rights of Indigenous Peoples and its commitment to improve collaboration and interaction with them in our working groups and campaigns.

Thus, this statement will serve to clarify our broader position on the broad issues surrounding decolonization and our understanding of the links created with those who defend the right to exist.

• Highlighting the urgent nature of the climate crisis, the links between the health of our environment, our security, the well-being of humans, and aware of the pursuit of rights, the recognition and the prosperity of multiple Indigenous Peoples worldwide;

• Recognizing that the forms of social organizations behind the climate crisis are often the same as those responsible for the violation of rights of Indigenous Peoples

• Observing the deep injustices lived historically, and still to this day by Indigenous Peoples on a global scale;

• Valorizing Heroic and Often Successful Efforts in the Fight Against Climate Change by Indigenous Peoples Worldwide,

• Recognizing that Indigenous Peoples globally are often on the front lines of the climate crisis;

• Motivated to secure the great potential of what can be done through mutual respect and cooperation, learning opportunities of Indigenous cultures and the need for respectful and collaborative alliances between environmentalists and Indigenous Peoples ;

• Recognizing that the natural world is the foundation of the lifestyles of Indigenous Peoples, the rights of peoples to self-reliance, self-determination, land and natural resources are unique and endowed with complex story, and noting the ecological benefits of stewardship to the land by Indigenous Peoples;

• Extinction Rebellion Québec supports unconditionally and in its entirety the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

• Extinction Rebellion Québec recognizes that the campaign for the right to live extends to Indigenous Peoples on a global scale.

• Extinction Rebellion Quebec believes that the historical relationship between Indigenous Peoples and the Earth and nature gives them a central and global position in the fight against climate change.

• Extinction Rebellion Québec is committed to campaigning for a fair and equitable energy transition, a transition that will respect the rights of peoples as written in the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

• Extinction Rebellion Quebec also commits itself to campaign for a significant representation of the Indigenous Peoples in the said assembly campaigning for the establishment of a citizen assembly supervising an urgent transition

• Extinction Rebellion Québec supports a fair and equitable settlement of all disputes concerning title deeds and other constitutional disputes and believes that this regulation is the key step for the development of a sustainable society.

• Extinction Rebellion Quebec is committed to campaigning in a manner respectful of the rights of Indigenous Peoples.

• Extinction Rebellion Québec is committed to supporting Indigenous Peoples in their struggle to secure their rights at all times and wherever possible.

• Extinction Rebellion Quebec recognizes that the doctrine of discovery has and continues to have devastating consequences for Indigenous Peoples globally, including the First Nations Peoples of Canada. We reject the doctrines of superiority and call them criminal and immoral and we affirm that they can never be a justification for the exploitation and domination of indigenous peoples and the violation of their rights.