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One year after the devastating IPCC report, our governments still do not act as a result of the climate emergency.

We are at a pivotal moment in the history of humanity. The time to act is now.

4th - 10th

Join the Week of Rebellion!

Upcoming Events

Formation à la Désobéissance Civile @ Milton-Parc

22 Mar 2020 9h00
22 Mar 2020 17h00

Viens apprendre comment faire des actions de désobeissance civile, avec Extinction Rebellion.

Ecogrief Circles

Does thinking of the climate emergency keep you from sleeping? Reading the news make you angry? Feel like crying every time you look at your feed?

Civil disobedience trainings

We offer day-long, professional-grade civil disobedience trainings for those who want to pursue their journey into non-violent strategies of challenging power.