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One year after the devastating IPCC report, our governments still do not act as a result of the climate emergency.

We are at a pivotal moment in the history of humanity. The time to act is now.

7 - 13

Join the International Week of Rebellion!

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Upcoming Events

Présentation de Extinction Rebellion @ Plateau

07 Dec 2019 17h30
07 Dec 2019 19h30

Inspiré.e par les actions d’Extinction Rebellion à la Semaine de la Rébellion?

Slow Swarms

Calling all rebels ! Want to get involved in a fun action with low-risk of arrest? Join us for XR Slow Swarms! (Please note: the swarms are not designed to...

Civil disobedience trainings

We offer day-long, professional-grade civil disobedience trainings for those who want to pursue their journey into non-violent strategies of challenging power.