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Our Objectives

1: Tell the Truth

Governments and the media must tell the truth about the climate and environmental emergency, reverse public policies that are inconsistent with this emergency and force the media to explain what the real issues are and how to respond.

2: Act Now

The introduction of binding policy measures to halt biodiversity loss and achieve carbon neutrality by 2030 through a planned decrease in energy consumption.

3: Citizens’ Assembly For a Vigorous and Inclusive Democracy

The solutions require a system change beyond the reach of traditional politics. We demand that the solution lies in the creation of sovereign citizen assemblies to develop and oversee the measures to be put in place to achieve the ecological transition.

4: A Just Transition for All

We demand a just transition that prioritizes the most vulnerable people and indigenous sovereignty, that establishes reparations for colonial legacies and remedies led by and for indigenous peoples, racialized communities, and poor communities to restore and repair years of environmental injustice. We demand a transition that establishes legal rights for ecosystems, allowing them to regenerate and thrive permanently, reversing the effects of the present ecocide and preventing the extinction of humanity and other extinctions caused by human activity, maintaining a healthy planet for all.

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Governments, elected officials and corporations must recognize the unprecedented threats to the entire biosphere, including humanity. They must openly assume their share of responsibility for the destruction of ecosystems, climate change, the depletion of natural resources, and recognize the profound incompatibility between the current mode of economic development based on growth and profit and the limits of our planet. They must recognize the links between ecological and social crisis and renounce any law or decision that does not go in the direction of solving this deadly and unjust crisis. The population must be informed about the risks, the changes to be implemented and their social and economic counterparts. We demand that the media lift the veil on the reasons for the unsustainability of our societies, to broadcast the truth about the seriousness of the situation and the depth of the changes that will have to be made if we want to face it.


Good intentions”, “non-binding agreements” and “roadmaps” will not change the situation. We intend to force governments to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030. Our survival and that of other species must not depend on hypothetical and distant technological solutions. The only viable option is to collectively abandon the current economic growth model that planetary limits are forcing us to reconsider. We must immediately begin an energy transition and the abandonment of fossil fuels. This policy will have to be supported at the international level by binding agreements in order to engage a global effort commensurate with the stakes.


These demands require a civil and solidary mobilization on a scale and with an aim comparable to those deployed in times of war. The governments that have succeeded one another in recent years, blinded by a logic of growth and short-termism, have shown their inability to deal seriously with these questions. We want power to be returned to the citizens. At the local and regional level, a more vigorous and inclusive democracy must be put in place. This will guarantee the equitable sharing of the effort to be made and solidarity with the most vulnerable.


This just transition must move Canada and the world away from fossil fuels and extractivist economics to a clean energy and life-before-profit economic system that exists in a safe and just space for animals, humans and non-humans. Canadians who are at risk of losing their livelihoods as a result of the ecological transition, such as those currently working in the extractive sector (e.g. the tar sands), must be protected and prepared for this new ecological economy through guaranteed income and reorientation. (General Assembly of XR Qc - Extinction Rébellion Québec, August 29, 2019)