Calling all rebels ! Want to get involved in a fun action with low-risk of arrest? Join us for XR Slow Swarms! (Please note: the swarms are not designed to have any arrests but we can never garantee an action is 100% risk free).

What is a Slow Swarm ? We stand on the crosswalk at a red light, holding posters and banners, encouraging passersby and motorists to question themselves on climate change. The main aims of Slow Swarms are to TELL THE TRUTH, and to encourage people to JOIN EXTINCTION REBELLION.

WHEN & WHERE: This is a recurring event. Please check the XR Qc Facebook events for the latest swarm info.

WHAT : Dress in black. We will provide posters&banners. It is very important to only carry the posters that we will provide you, they communicate the message of the action.

For more info or to create a swarm in your neighbourhood or community contact: